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No more technical analysis, strategies, backtesting, indicators, learning curves and human emotions. Our AI takes care of it all for you.

Trading simplied in every step


Artificial intelligence

While humans remain a big part of the trading equation, AI plays an increasingly significant role. AI is shaping the future of trading.


For our customers' protection, we do not take deposits on our platform, connect your exchange easily and securely through the API.


Auto-pilot is the only way you can trade without stress. Our AI adapts to all kinds of market situations super fast.

Smooth trading experience

Do what you love without thinking about trading.
This is exactly how trading should be. Simple, secure and fun.


Connect the world's most popular exchange Binance to your account and start trading.

In-house analysis

All our technologies and algorithms are coded in-house and optimized around the clock. We know what works best for the best profitability in each market condition.

Risk management

You can lose the entire month's profit in the event of a crash, but not with 24robot. We have the most advanced in-house developed stop-loss feature on the market.


All coins are carefully selected through long-term and short-term examination through backtesting, optimized for best profitability.

Why 24ROBOT?

We know that time means a lot to you. That is why we have built the world’s simplest trading bot. Do what you love and let your bot run in the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

24ROBOT is the world’s simplest auto-pilot trading bot that is beginner – friendly and cloud-based. Built with passion and love. Our goal is to offer the simplest but most powerful trading experience.

Right now, only the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance is available. We are constantly working to expand support for more exchanges. FTX, KuCoin and Kraken coming soon.

Obviously not. Our statistics do not mean that you will make the same profit / loss in the future. However, it tells us how profitable our AI has been lately and give us an estimated expectation in the future. 24ROBOT provides absolutely no financial advice and we recommend that you only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

Be a part of our exciting journey

Try us 14 days in simulation mode, 7 days in live mode. A total of 21 days to try our service.